Success at the Cardiff 101 Mixer

Success at the mid-week gathering of the Cardiff 101 Mainstreet Association Mixer. Three wines were tasted with commentary from KutaSomm, including the fantastic 2017 Mazévo Rose from the Encinitas-based wine operation Mazévo. Check out their wines at Seaside Market, The Roxy, and other locations in the North County Coastal area. Mazévo rocks!

MiraCosta Wine Classes in Full Swing

MiraCosta wine classes are in full swing. Thank you Eleni Kardaras for the great photos. Everyone check out @eyes_of_eleni.

Mazévo Wines Come to MiraCosta

Lindsey Combs and Jonathan Bave of Mazévo were guest speakers at MiraCosta College this week. A packed house learned all about this great new Encinitas-based wine operation. Fantastic job Lindsey and Jonathan!

What a Success!

The MiraCosta class Wines From A Land Down Under completed six sessions where everyone had a fantastic time learning about Oz and tasting the best wine the country has to offer. How about that Shiraz! Thank you to Breeana’s Kitchen for the homemade Aussie meat pies. Thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to those students that completed three of my MiraCosta classes and were recognized as Triple Crown winners. Enjoy the gift box!


Wine Tasting at 3rd Corner

Saturday afternoon wine tasting at 3rd Corner with Brandon Boghosian. Brandon was pouring fantastic selections from Averaen Wines (Oregon) and Valravn (Sonoma County). Thanks, Brandon!

Success at the 2019 Cardiff Greek Festival

Fun was had by all at the 2019 Cardiff Greek Festival–especially if you stopped by the wine tasting tent and ran into me pouring 7 different Greek wines. I made some new friends, hung out with some old friends, and even met a stuffed donkey in the photo booth.

Some images courtesy of: Eleni Kardaras Photography, @eyes_of_eleni

Fall Semester Has Begun

The first class of the semester kicked off on Wednesday. Everyone enjoyed the opening session of Wines From A Land Down Under & Other Southern Stars as we began with wines from Chile and Argentina. Looking forward to South Africa next week, followed by New Zealand and then Australia. G’day, mate!

Success at the Down Under Preview Class

Everyone throughly enjoyed the preview class for Wines From A Land Down Under. I got some tips on how to deliver my jokes, so now everyone is sure to bust out in laughter when the MiraCosta class starts up next week. Oh yeah, and I’ll remind everyone that AC/DC is Australia’s most famous band. Rock on!

Some images courtesy of: Eleni Kardaras Photography, @eyes_of_eleni

Benefit for the International Music Festival of Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Success at the Benefit for the International Music Festival of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Thank you for hosting, Tricia Smith. Wonderful food, incredible music, and FANTASTIC wine was had by all. See you next year!


Fall 2019 Flyers Are Here!

Fall 2019 Flyers Are Here! Register today at: